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Heartfelt Congratulations

(My Not So)

I'm writing the best book of 2022 and I need YOU!

Calling all professional wedding vendors, Brides, Grooms, parents, siblings, and pissed off friends. This is your chance to get your untold story out, ANONYMOUSLY.


We have all been to those weddings where things have happened that don't seem real. The "I wish you were there to see this" kind of things because they were so unbelievable.


The DJ showed up without speakers, the Maid of Honor made out with the Groom in the photo booth, the coordinator ghosted the couple day of their wedding or one of my favs; a groomsman stole the getaway car to go clubbing!


I want to know the FULL story with all of the juicy deats! 


Now the goal isn't to scare couples. These stories are one in a million occurrences that we just happened to see with our own eyes.

How do you submit a story? Just use the submission form below! *Please ensure your story is at minimum 250 words long or it will not be considered for publication. *


Follow @willoweddingstx for the latest updates!

Share you story here!

Level of CringeA good laughA bit nerverakingIt was a hot messI should have left the weddingSh*t hit the fanLevel of Cringe
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