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Why Should I get Certified as a Wedding Coordinator?

You are the beating heart of someones wedding day. That sounds like a lot of pressure right? It is, but that's why you chose this career path. You don't break under pressure, you can handle stress, you can maintain professionalism during uncertain situations, and you're great with time management. Technically, anyone can be a wedding coordinator. Just like anyone can be a secretary, a teacher, or even a doctor. Becoming certified is what makes you qualified though. You need to learn the very minute details of this profession in order to be the best for your clients.

Being a coordinator is more than just managing a timeline on wedding day. You must start from the beginning, developing your business. To develop a business it is key to have an entrepreneurs mindset. How are you going to be the best coordinator in your region (or even nationally) and what will make you stand out? Ask yourself these questions. Becoming certified is your answer! With your certification you build trust, your prove knowledge, and you can guarantee you know what you're doing. Displaying your certification badge on your website shows to couples, how qualified you are to be the beating heart of their big day. They can then trust that you will manage every aspect of their wedding day with grace and fully immerse themselves in the special moments because nothing will be wandering on the back of their minds.

What Can I Expect from the Willoweddings Professional Coordinator Certification Course?

This is the exciting part, course content! The following subjects are taught in the online training course:

1) Entrepreneurship & Networking

2) Obtaining Clients



Your packages

Add-on services

Closing a sale

3) What do do leading up to wedding day


Personal time



Timeline creation

Rehearsal key elements

4) Wedding Day!

Coordinator 101

The Do's & Don't


Emergency Kit must haves

Emergency management

Closing & review

5) The Other Stuff

Working with venues & vendors

Time management

CPR & First Aid overview

Creating a team

There is SO much to learn, plus you get templates for contracts, timelines, questionnaires, email responses, and more! For more information visit

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